Annual Kisumu Impala Boat Race held at Impala park-Lake Victoria

224033_123416777817545_1011855993_nThe second edition of the annual Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race was successfully held at the weekend Kisumu Impala Sanctuary on Lake Victoria.The race with the theme ‘Let’s row to conserve the sitatunga’  aims to raise funds for the conservation of the endangered sitatunga antelope found in the wetland on the shores of Lake Victoria. The occasion was also used to create public awareness about investment opportunities in tourism, human wildlife conflict and display of tourism attractions in the region.

The boat race marked the peak of a three-day cultural event in Kisumu City. The three-day event included, cultural exhibition, dance troupes, tero buru procession and bull fighting, the climax being the boat racing.

The event was presided over by the Minister for Forestry and Wildlife Hon Dr Noah Wekesa who was accompanied by KWS Director, Mr William Kiprono. They were hosted by the area MP Hon Shakeel Shabir.532220_123416437817579_853264790_n


This year’s race had attracted 180 paddlers from Mbita, Usenge, Luanda K’Otieno, Ndere and Kisumu. This comprised 10 teams for men and women with each team having seven paddlers and two reserves. This brought to a total of 20 teams.

Men paddlers from Lwanda K’Otieno beach were awarded Sh100,000 after emerging winners followed by Lwanda Kamin Oningo who were awarded Sh60,000. In the third category were Usenge who won Sh40,000.

In the female category, women paddlers from Lwanda Kamin Oningo were awarded Sh100,000 after emerging winners followed by another team from Ndere who were awarded Sh60,000. In the third category were Usenge women paddlers who won Sh40,000.

532220_123416437817579_853264790_n 546778_123418627817360_1092470320_n 556755_123417011150855_534986272_n 598372_123417064484183_660107527_n 599876_123416407817582_1203600381_n 6241_123417091150847_1833382836_n 66042_123417174484172_1981836653_n 66054_123418567817366_1095687722_n 74245_123417047817518_858384175_n 215922_123416991150857_1972947119_n 283283_123417184484171_1221890263_n 291726_123418641150692_40067423_n 302702_123418954483994_348553272_n 302755_123418604484029_616546984_n Kenya Wildlife Service in conjunction with stakeholders  launched the inaugural Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race in 2011.
The race seeks to raise funds to conserve the rare sitatunga antelope found in Kisumu Impala  Sanctuary by the shores of the lake by constructing a 3-km perimeter wall fence at a cost of Sh28 million.
The race on the theme “Save the Sitatunga” gave the participating stakeholders a chance to showcase their products and activities as well as highlight the potential of Kisumu and Siaya counties as tourism investment and attraction destinations.
The aim of the event is to bring together members of the local communities and corporate organizations in the Lake Victoria region for sport, fun and fundraising.


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