Though it might lack the fame Kit Mikayi boasts of and the running water, Abindu is just as imposing as the weeping rock, with just as interesting stories and myths backing it.

Abindu in Dholuo means a series of small caves in one place, something one notices as he takes a quick tour of the stone structure which people use to vocally voice their prayers.

It’s believed that the mysterious rock was inhabited by the Kipsigis over 500 years ago depicted by the pottery and tethering ropes found in the vicinity.

The Kipsigis are believed to have been chased away by the Kwamumbi people and the rock was reserved by the elders to perform rituals and pray for rains in times of draught and bountiful harvests.

Between July and August 1970, a disturbed stranger arrived at Abindu called Aboro Adete. It’s believed that he was a 3rd year University of Nairobi student who had started trekking from Gem to Olalo and in between at Sinyolo it was discovered that the man had powers. At Abindu he would sleep in the church near the mountain and when the students returned from school a distance away, he would tell them what they had learned that day in detail and correctly tell them their full names.

He said that he was a messenger sent with a message to deliver to Kit Mikayi, Got Huma and another mysterious rock which on his return turned out to be Abindu. He climbed the rock structure and wrote the mysterious scribbles.

He told people that if the then president Jomo Kenyatta would come to Abindu, he would reveal the meaning of the scribbles. When he was denied audience he elected for the then vice president Jaramogi Odinga, who also declined the offer, then he decide to choose the then Mayor of Kisumu Grace Akech Onyango. 2 people were sent to Kisumu to deliver the invitation to the mayor, but failed to reach their destination and have forever been cursed for this.

On receiving the invitation, the mayor agreed to come to Abindu and was accompanied by her deputy Owino and together with Adeto they went into the caves and its claimed that thunder and lightning struck the rock violently and screams were heard coming from the caves. Later they emerged from the cave, Adete glided up and down the rock walls mystically and word by word revealed to the people what the scribbles meant.” D-A-A-L-M-O-N H-A-M”.

After the incident with the Mayor it is rumoured that the police tried to detain Adete on numerous occasions and the mysterious guy would foretell every attempt and reveal to the locals in detail how he would escape. They say he would mysteriously disappear from the police Land cruiser leaving behind only the hand cuffs or he would turn into a leopard and chase the police away.

Later Adete mysteriously disappeared towards Kisiany after boarding the Kanyamuol bus. Before leaving he warned the locals about cutting any tree new the stone formation and also cultivating near it. The locals have numerous tales of mystical failures to do the above or example people would self injure themselves in unexplained ways or the pangas and Jembes would disappear without ever being found ever again. There is also a tale of a white foreigner who tried on many occasions to survey the rocks but his tools seamed to find their way to the bottom of the rock and he believed that the locals were trying to sabotage his efforts till one day he witnessed one of his tripod stands disappear before his very own eyes.

Also before leaving Adete left behind some symbols on some of the rocks at Abindu:

  • There is a rock with a symbol of a bow and arrow
  • There is another rock with a symbol of a snake
  • And another with a symbol of a sword shooting upwards
  • There is also an arrangement of rocks depicting the 12 loaves of bread found in the bible

Aboro Adete was also believed to have been a prophet as some of the predictions he foretold have come to pass. It is believed that he accurately predicted the deaths of Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramongi Odinga and the invention of the Binary code.




  1. This together with kit mikai, the nyamgondho in nyandiwa, suba and the simbi nyaima in rachuonyo are some of the historical sites that we have in luo nyanza. The luo nyanza is so full of beautiful scineries. The nice black sandy beaches for example. This are just some areas where we need serious investers in the hotel industrie and we earn these revenues. Welcome to kisumu city. Such a beautiful lakeside city. Welcome to luo nyanza, welcome to kenya!

    • Thank you very much for commenting on our blog,hope you will continue doing so and spread the word around,we need more people to know how beautiful this area is and the huge potential it holds. We will visit the nyamgondho in nyandiwa, suba and the simbi nyaima in rachuonyo and be sure we will market the areas if their are of potential.Thank you once again

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