Though it might lack the fame Kit Mikayi boasts of and the running water, Abindu is just as imposing as the weeping rock, with just as interesting stories and myths backing it.

Abindu in Dholuo means a series of small caves in one place, something one notices as he takes a quick tour of the stone structure which people use to vocally voice their prayers.

Abindu is located about a 30 minutes drive from Kisumu, off the Kisumu-Maseno road past Kisumu International airport at Nyahera.

Abindu is a fascinating new Tourist attraction site in Kisumu County as it offers visitors with numerous activities to participate in, like:

  • It has a spiritual significance as people use the rock’s caves for prayers
  • Its rocky terrain offers thrill seekers a chance for adventure in hiking and camping
  • One can experience the culture and heritage of the Kwamumbi people who live around the rock
  • From vantage points on top of the rock one can experience some breath taking views of Kisumu City and Lake Victoria

Since it’s a new tourist destination a lot of developments have to be done to turn it into a world class tourist destination like its counterpart Kit Mikayi and many tourist stakeholders have come up to give a helping hand. KWS made an assessment of the site and are in the process of fencing the area and setting up some necessary facilities. The National Museum is in the process of documenting the site for it to be gazetted as an official tourism site. The council helped the locals around the area to form a Community Based Tourism Organization (CBTO) which was registered 2 weeks ago and is in the process of improving the road network leading to the site. The Kenya Tourism Board will develop and market it as a tourist destination in their website .

 Other stakeholders include LVTA and the Ministry of Forestry.




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