The city council of Kisumu took interest in playing a role in the promotion of Tourism, the department was established to bring together like minded stakeholders in the Tourism industry in the region under the able patronage of His Worship the Mayor of Kisumu City Sam Okello. The department  was born in January 2009 from a humble beginning with the several meetings held at the Council Chamber.
In this respect, City council of Kisumu constituted a Tourism, Heritage and ICT standing committee to address issues to do with Tourism on 9th July 2009 and subsequently a desk was established.
Under the Economic pillar of the vision 2030, Tourism has been prioritized.
The City council strategic plan (2007-2012) under strategic objective 8 identifies the conservation for utilization of natural resources in the city with the high income from Eco-Tourism as a major output. Among the activities identified to achieve these are outputs developments of a Tourism strategy for Kisumu and to market Kisumu as a Sun City.
Under objective 7 the council commits to implementing an ICT policy, supported by recruitment of an ICT manager and relevant communication equipments.
The local Government Act cap 265, laws of Kenya section 145, (a-o) clearly stipulates the power of the local authorities towards carrying out activities related to Tourism.

The department is charged with the responsibility of positioning the city of Kisumu as an outstanding destination, improve services delivering through ICT, formulating tourism policy and coordinating the implementation of strategies aimed at developing the tourism sector.

It’s committed to provision of quality and efficient services to its customers and stakeholders by setting standards of service delivery that will ensure that they are satisfied.

Tourism is one of the key 6 growth sectors in the economic pillar of vision 2030. The sector is among the leading foreign exchange earners and a major generator of employment in Kenya contributing about 10% of GDP. It has linkages with other sectors of the economy thus facilitating growth in those sectors

The department in the spirit of vision 2030 and the ministry of Tourism strategy plan 2008-2012 has set out to make Kisumu a destination of choice with the aim of making Kenya a global leader in sustainable tourism with the mission of facilitating sustainable tourism for national development and posterity. And also to ensure tourism sector’s tangible contribution to the dynamism and transformation of the economy towards a globally competitive and prosperous nation.

The department will collaborate and form partnerships between it and other stakeholders and follow a plan enshrined in the vision 2030 where the economy is government led but industry driven, thus the department will step up its coordination and facilitation role , creating an enabling environment for the development of private sector and community based initiatives.

In collaboration with tourism stakeholders, it will effectively deal with the challenges and address all strategic issues in the tourism industry for its sustainable as well as facilitating the overall economic growth as envisioned in vision 2030.


To be a leading tourism destination in the Great Lake region.


To deliver a world class visitor experience through quality service and standards


  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Quality customer service
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Innovativeness, Dynamism and Excellence



. To drive the transformation of the Tourism sector in Kisumu
. To Market Kisumu as a desirable tourism destination
. To support destination development so as to improve Kisumu tourist competitiveness
. To support the development of competent human resource and viable tourism and ICT enterprises
. Enhancing the visitor experience
. Strengthen and increase efficiency of the Tourism and ICT Department
. Work partnership with the private and public hospitality and tourism sector of Kisumu
. To support a cooperative relationship between the City Council of Kisumu, the Ministry of Tourism and statutory tourism authorities with respect of tourism in Kisumu
. To support a cooperative relationship between the Municipal Council of Kisumu, the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Local Government in then respect to ICT in Kisumu.

For more information visit our website  http://www.citycouncilofkisumu.or.ke  or through the following social media

FACEBOOK: kisumu citycouncil and FACEBOOK FAN PAGE; ksm citycouncil


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